Danielle Herb at Amelia Island, Florida doing a Drop Your Reins clinic on the beach

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Pics at Disney

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img_1725leila and dannyLeila and Danny Princesses 







Dream Come True

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If you know my sister Leila, then you know that she is amazing at creating what she wants. My mother has always encouraged us to go for what we want and create possibilities. Well this weekend was all about jumping and hoping we fly. Not only did we fly but we soared.

One day on Twitter.com @Unmarketing told me he was going to speak at the Extreme Business Makeover in Orlando, Florida. I started asking Scott more about the XBM, turns out he gave me two tickets for my mom and me to go to this amazing conference in Orlando. I was so excited to go but I would have to find the money for the gas to drive down there and to pay for our hotel room.

Then another problem came up. What where we going to do with Leila? I talked to my mom and we decided that this was an amazing opportunity and that Leila was going to have to go with us. I got an idea. What if we could take Leila to Disney? We talked to Leila about this idea and she went and got her calendar. It showed a little Mickey Mouse head on this weekend. She said she put it on there two months ago. Amazing how we can set our intention towards something and make it happen. We left about 2:00 pm on Friday. We pumped up the music and jammed the whole 2½ hours to Orlando.

The beginning of this story is too boring if you know my life but don’t worry it gets more interesting. My mom had been to the hotel before and knew Orlando pretty well. So were driving and we got off the wrong exit in the middle of the city and in Orlando. You can’t just turn around so we are trying to figure out how to get back. On our search to find out how to get back to the main road, we passed the indoor skydiving place and I told mom how much I have always wanted to do something like that.

Finally we are back on the road we need to be and we get to the hotel right as the conference was ending. It was ok though because we got to introduce ourselves and do some networking. WOW there where some amazing people there. Poor Leila kept asking about Disney and when we where going. Someone over heard and told us that they thought Disney let people in for free after 4:00 pm. So we jumped in the car and went to Disney to see. We got all the way to the main gate and they said we had to have a ticket. Leila was sad and upset because she couldn’t go to Disney.

If you think that Leila didn’t get to go to Disney and we went to the business conference for the rest of the time we where in Orlando, you’re wrong. LoL.  Mom was racking her brain on ways to get into Disney, and then it hit her. One of our best friends has a daughter that works at Disney. She jumped on the phone and called. She said that she could get three people in. It was perfect, we only had three people. She said she wasn’t working that night but she was working Saturday at 2:00 pm.


We went to the XBM till 12:00 pm and then went to Disney. We had an amazing time. The message I got at Disney was “Dreams will come true if you believe”. WOW. It was the exact message that I needed to here. I am so thankful that Walt Disney created such a magical place.

 Around 10:00 pm we where watching the fire works and we got the perfect seat. Tinker Bell flew right over us. It was so cool. When we got home we all crashed. Our alarm didn’t go off when it was supposed to so we where late for our get together with Scott.

Our meeting with Scott was really cool. He gave me some great advice on unmarketing. All though I lost my IPhone I had a great day. The speakers on Sunday where wonderful and just what I needed to here. It was brilliant. Everything was like it had been planed weeks in advance but it wasn’t. It was us just going with the flow.

 The XBM was over and we where going to go get something to eat and then head home. We where walking by the pool on our way to get something to eat. We decided we where going to eat by the pool and then go swimming. You never know who you are going to meet in the pool at a very large hotel. There was a really nice couple with a beautiful little girl. The little girl was about 5 and loved horses. So I started telling them about what I do and how my passion for horses has changed my life.

I advised them to allow her to follow her heart because you never know where I could take her. We kept talking and discussing different things and we began to ask what he does for a living. Turns out he owns the number 1 hottest attraction in Orlando. Guess what it is, the sky diving place.

An idea popped into my head. I wanted to go sky diving and they where going to invite me to do it. As I told you before we where taught to create what we want and look for possibilities. Trust me I jumped on this one. I got to go indoor sky diving with my mom and sister. Boy was it fun. I don’t think I stopped smiling whole time.

We went to Orlando with no extra money, not sure how we where going to go to Disney, and had no idea that I was going to get to go skydiving. As Mickey Mouse “Dreams will come true if you believe”.


I will be sure to post a link of the skydiving footage when I can get it up.






From Sticks To Stars

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My name is Danielle Herb, I am 15 years old and the founder and CEO of Drop Your Reins.
I live in Live Oak, a small town in rural North Florida. I have one half sister age 6 (same Mom different Dad) and a half brother age 35 (same Dad different Mom). My brother Chris lives in Atlanta so I don’t see him much, but I live with my sister. Leila is a sneaky little 20 year old trapped in a 6 year olds body. She rides horses and is a lot like me. It is really weird because we don’t really argue. My mom says I am more like her second mother than her sister and we share a lot of love for each other. 

 Leila And Khiro
I got my first job at a horse ranch at the age of 11. I loved it. I loved taking care of horses and getting that paycheck at the end of the week, because getting it meant I did a good job. I love getting praised for the work I have done. The more people would praise the harder I would work.

I created my first business at the age of 13. It was called from Fear to Freedom. It has expanded and transformed into my current business, Drop Your Reins.
One unique thing about my life is the freedom I have. I am allowed to ride 15 miles by myself to my friend’s house, on a horse. The journey is a 3 to 4 hour ride. When Candice (my best friend) and I are together, we are use our minds and are very creative problem solvers. I have so much fun when I am with her. We live in the country, but we are also are kids that know how to have fun in the simplest of ways.
There is a lot of excitement around my house and with the current trend encouraging people towards a simpler life, we have it licked.  Here is the link to a slide show, (
http://bit.ly/t4mX )  that shows a lot of my life including redneck tubing. When we are bored who knows what we can come up with. One day we cut a barrel in half, burned a hole in it and pull each other around with out old 4-wheeler. I know you might think it is crazy but it shows you the fun we have in the simplest of ways. 
I am home schooled which also contributes to the freedom I have to explore life. We did have a private school called, The School Without Walls,  (
http://www.theschoolwithoutwalls.com)  for 2 years which was my lab or school to learn a deeper understanding of my role in life,   My mom is an entrepreneur, coach, and jack of all trades managing my crazing schedule and life. My step father is a investigator for the drug task force busting people for our local sheriff’s department.
was able to create and start my business and become a young entrepreneur and not wait until all my creativity was shut down. I also have an imagination, which helps me come up with new ideas. I publicly speak and encourage youth on young entrepreneurship and how to help parents understand their teens. I love being in the spot light. Talking to people and teaching kids is my life’s mission.
Horses are a huge part of what makes me tick. They have taught me so much about myself and life. They have both put me in the hospital and have saved my life. Working with horses is as natural as breathing to me. I am a healer and horse whisperer. I teach people how to tune into the horses language. I currently am helping ADHD kids and their parents develop healthier and happier lives without the use of prescription drugs using holistic remedies and the magic of the horses. The horses see the kids and teens for who they really are and love them for it.
I am so blessed to have my horses and family. They have helped me through the though times such as my dad being killed last year in a car accident and join with me in creating amazing fun times also.
Most kids can relate to me but I am not like them. I am said to be an old soul.  I have not gone to school to learn what I do, it just came through me. My talents have developed organically. I have gone through a lot of tough time and my life has changed so much. It seems to never stay the same for long at all.
 I have a whole other side of glitz, glamor and BLING also. I was born with a Gold Spoon in my mouth and raised in the posh community of Palm Beach, Florida, Wellington. You can see in the video I sent that I can dress up and play the part of a city slicker also.

LOL now you know a little more about me


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Scribbles is a 7 year old overo paint. She is 16.2 hands tall and has 2 blue eyes. Her markings are about one in ten thousand. She has a medicine hat and a shield. In Indian legends a horse with a medicine hat and two blue eye have magical powers. I belive it !


Her eye’s are amazing. You can get lost when you star into them. But sometimes they freak me out.


Trick riding





When I first got her so was prfect. TOO PERFECT. She didn’t mov untill you told hr too. She was so slow. It drove me nuts. So I started allowing her spirit to come out. I gave her the freedom to tell me she didn’t want to do somthing and allowed her to be herself. Scribs is a witch. lol. She has an aditude but does what I ask her to do willingly. She and I love each other. We share alot of respct and I am so happy that she can be the horse that she is and not a robot!

trick riding2


My book

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My book took a huge curve last night. It is now the story of my life and what helped me. I am all most done with it. I just need two more chapters on my hand shutting down and my dad dying. It is turning out so sweet.

Happy Happy


Sunny Day

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The sun is out. I am so happy. Three days of pooring down rain is enough. lol. My horses are out grazing and are enjoying the sun. I am so ready to be able to go for a long ride in the hot sun. 

Quinton riding Scribbles
Quinton riding Scribbles

I had a sweet idea last night for my business. Gabi from http://hoponahorse.com/ and I are starting to put the ideas into action. I can’t share what the idea is untill it gets moving forward. So keep checking and I will let you know soon.