Posted on April 4, 2009 by Danielle.
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Scribbles is a 7 year old overo paint. She is 16.2 hands tall and has 2 blue eyes. Her markings are about one in ten thousand. She has a medicine hat and a shield. In Indian legends a horse with a medicine hat and two blue eye have magical powers. I belive it !


Her eye’s are amazing. You can get lost when you star into them. But sometimes they freak me out.


Trick riding





When I first got her so was prfect. TOO PERFECT. She didn’t mov untill you told hr too. She was so slow. It drove me nuts. So I started allowing her spirit to come out. I gave her the freedom to tell me she didn’t want to do somthing and allowed her to be herself. Scribs is a witch. lol. She has an aditude but does what I ask her to do willingly. She and I love each other. We share alot of respct and I am so happy that she can be the horse that she is and not a robot!

trick riding2


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