About Me!!!!

Hey Guys,

I am Danielle Herb. I am the founder and CEO of Drop Your Reins. But under all of that I am just a regular 15 year old girl. I have 8 horses and a donkey. My horses are my life. I have a best friend who is 16 and she is just like me and HORSE CRAZY. Together we get into trouble. Me and Khiro

I have my master mind group,

Chris  http://roughlyfamous.com/Default.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1, Shonika  http://teenentrepreneurblog.com/ (She is also my coach), Patricio http://patgelado.wordpress.com/. I love my team. When I get depressed, they kick me in the but and tell me to get moving. I have the best support group there is.

What Do I Like To DO For Fun,   

I am all about having fun and playing. I like redneck tubing, horse back riding, art, swimming, goofing off in all ways and many other things I am sure you will here about in my blog. LOL.

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